Wekelijks radioprogramma op radio RQC 95.0 FM, elke donderdag van 20 - 22u.
Emission hebdomadaire sur radio RQC 95.0 FM chaque jeudi de 20 à 22 heures.
Weekly radioshow on radio RQC 95.0 FM, every thursday 20 - 22h Central European Time.

donderdag 26 juli 2012

Playlist 2012 july 26

The Consolations - Groovey-Grubworm
Big Bop Dougherty & The Kampus Kats - Big Bob's Boogie
Dale Hawkins - Teenage Dolly
The Barons - If You Want A Little Lovin'
Denny Ezba - Dirty, Dirty Feelin'
Jim, Jesse & The Virginia Boys - The Midnight Train
Milton Molitor & The Austin Pitre Band - Midway Two Step
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - Home In My Hand
Dynamic Nutones - Sick And Tired
Memphis Slim - Beer Drinking Woman
Robert Nighthawk - Black Angel Blues
The Pinetoppers - Shout Bamalama
Johnny Mann & The Tornados - Chic-A-Lou
Little Sylvia Vanderpool - Fine Love
Annisteen Allen & Her Home Town Boys - I Want A Man (Who's Gonna Do Right)
Gonn - Blackout Of Gretely
The King Beez - Now
Shawkey Se'au & The Muffins - Just One More Time
The Jujus - Do You Understand Me
Big Bob Taylor - Wowsville
Jackie Cannon - Chill Bumps
Ennio Morricone - L'Ultima Volta
The Country Rockers - Pistol Packin' Mama
Smokestack Lightnin' - The Roadmaster
The Coffinshakers - Black Sunday
999 - I'm Alive
The Damned - New Rose
Gasolheads - Stoopid Nut
Dare Dare Devil - The Crotch Master (Of Snatch)
The Rubinoos - Rock & Roll Is Dead (And We Don't Care)
The Gears - Baby Runaround
UK Subs - Music For The Deaf
Endstand - Close Your Eyes + The Way
The Pissdrunks - Pissdrunk
The Briefs - Rotten Love
Wendy O. Williams - It's My Life
The Leaving Trains - Walk Like A River
The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs - Slow Death
The Sailors - Abattoir Blues

donderdag 19 juli 2012

Playlist 2012 july 19

Bill Haley - Skinnie Minnie
Lattie Moore - Skinnie Minnie Shimmy
Ramey Anderson - Mini Skirt Minnie
Sir Mack Rice - Mini Skirt Minnie
The Versatones- Tight Skirt Tight Sweater
The Genteels - Take It Off
The Flower Children - Mini-Skirt Blues
Ben Pollack & His Park Central Orchestra - Keep Your Undershirt On
Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers - The Honeydripper part 1 & 2
Hattie North & Roosevelt Sykes - Honey Dripper Blues
Clara Smith - It's Tight Like That
Phillip Walker - Hello My Darling
The Kinks - Bald Headed Woman
Johnny Cash - Nine Pound Hammer
Roy Acuff - Ida Red
Hank Penny - You Better Save It For A Rainy Day
Buckwheat Zydeco - Zydeco Boogaloo
Andrew Cormier & The Rambling Aces - Seventy-Three Special
The IV Pak - Watzit?
The Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor
ZZ Top - I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
The Damned - Love Song
The Real Kids - She's Alright
Doug Derek & The Hoax - Bobby's Got To Get Back To Boston
La Peste - Better Of Dead
Jack O'Fire - Tiger In Your Tank
Mad Daddys - Cool Spool
Electro Choc - Chaise Electrique
Private Vices - Paris 84
La Came Aux Damelias - La 5 Roue Du Systeme
No Fun At All - Stranded
Coffin Break - Wasted Time
Trust Fund Babies - Up To No Good
The Fuses - Gas Staton Food
The Turbo AC's - Hit And Run
The Humpers - (I'm) Watching You
Brother Brick - The Same

vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Playlist 2012 july 12

Rusty Bryant - The Honeydripper
Champion Jack Dupree - Shim Sham Shimmy
The Adventures - Wallflower
Anisteen Allen - Lies, Lies, Lies
Big Jim Wynn - Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Charles Sheffield - Isabella
Don Bishop - Nightmare
Roosevelt Sykes - The Honeydripper
Roosevelt Sykes - The Honey Dripper
Mississippi Sheiks - Driving That Thing
Alex Johnson - Next Week Sometime
Merle Travis - Sixteen Tons
Doc Watson & Merle Watson - Roll On Buddy
The Beatles - Take This Hammer
The Banshees - I've Had It
Chuck Berry - Maybellene
Dale Hawkins - Lifeguard Man
Tha Fontanas - Whipping Post
The Malibus - Jumpty Dumpty Was Making Out
The Burgundy Runn - Stop!
Detroit Cobras - Ain't It A Shame
Robert Belfour - Black Mattie
North Mississippi All Stars - Mississippi Boll Weevil
Mudboy & The Neutrons - Bo Diddley
La URSS - Fuengirola
The Put-Downs - Lurch
Amazing Space Frogs - (I'm Into) Necrophilia
Splodgenessabounds - Two Pints Of Lager
Ivy Green - Stupid Village
The Blitzz - You Got What You Want
Thee Headcoats - In Your Hand
Gibson Bros. - White Nigger
Demolition Doll Rods - Queen Bee Drag Racin'
The Black Jetts - All Sexed Up
Streetwalkin' Cheetahs - Small Town Killer
Smogtown - Skate Ditch
The Swingin' Utters - I Got Your Number
Strychnine Babies - Give Me Guns

vrijdag 6 juli 2012

Playlist 2012 july 5

The Hollywood Persuaders - Drums-A-Go-Go
B. Brown & Mc Vouts - Good Woman Blues
Nature Boy Brown - Blue Blue Boogie
Clifford King - Want To Jump With You Baby (All Night Long)
The Magnificient Seven - Baby Doll
Rulie Garcia (Johnny Chingas) - Prescription Rock & Roll
Bob Lee - Wanted For Questioning
Doc Watson - Spike Driver Blues
Lightnin' Hopkins - Stool Pigeon Blues
Tampa Red - You Got To Reap What You Sow
Robert Petway - Catfish Blues
Cab Calloway - The Honeydripper
Bob Mosely & His All Stars - Voot Rhythm
Kokomo Arnold & Peetie Wheatstraw - Shake That Thing
Memphis Minnie - Where Is My Good Man At
J.B. Hutto & His Hawks - Too Much Alcohol
Fats Domino - Please Don't Leave Me
Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons
The Third Bardo - Five Years Ahead Of My Time
The Lime Spiders - Jessica
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Where'd You Go
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Land Of Misfit Toys
Dinosaur Jr. - Freak Scene
The Ex & Tom Cora - Everything & Me
Radio Reelers - Runnin' Out
Anti- Heros - F**K Hollywood
The Worthless - I'm Still Having Fun
999 - I'm Alive
Guitar Gangsters - It Must Be Physical
Feather - You Got Troubles
The Testors - Time Is Mine
Smash Up Derby - You're A Lie
Jerry Spider Gang - High School Babes
The Pimps - Dying Nation
Thee Marvin Gays - No Carpenter
The Mighty Gordini's - Shake My Iguana