Wekelijks radioprogramma op radio RQC 95.0 FM, elke donderdag van 20 - 22u.
Emission hebdomadaire sur radio RQC 95.0 FM chaque jeudi de 20 à 22 heures.
Weekly radioshow on radio RQC 95.0 FM, every thursday 20 - 22h Central European Time.

donderdag 26 december 2013

Playlist 2013 december 26

Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West - Pickin' The Chicken
Freddie "Bama Boy" Hall & His Gadsden Band - This Crooked World
Kenny Lund & The Roller Coasters - Rip It Up, Potato Chip
J.B. Summers & Tiny Grimes Rocking Highlanders - Drinking Beer
Tiny Grimes & The Rocking Highlanders - Hey Mr. J.B.
Dennis McGee & Ernest Frugé - Lanse Des Belaire
Bob Wills & His Texan Playboys - Roly Poly
Elvis Presley - Milkcow Blues Boogie
Justin Tubb - Pepper-Hot Baby
Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers - Joe Turner Blues
Elita, Mary & Ella Hoffpauir - Sept Ans Sur Mer
Jimmy Reed - Cherry Red
Eddie Burns (as The Swing Brothers) - Notoriety Woman
Edward M. Favor - Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
Benny Goodman Orchestra - Roll 'em Boogie
Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Race With the Devil
The Four Young Men - You Been Torturing Me
The Benders - Sharpest Little Girl
Jessie Hill - Scoop Scoobie Doobie
The Truth - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
The Tropics - As Time's Gone
J.C. and the New Tones - Love - Human Emotion
Dearly Beloved - Flight 13
The Endd - Out Of My Hands
Supersnazz - I Gotta Go Now  
The Bugs - It's About Time
Died Pretty - Blue Sky Day
Fumestones - School Addict
The Zeros - Good Guys Don't Wear White + Wimp + Boys + Wild Weekend
The Psycho Surgeons - Horizontal Action
Pseudo Existors - Pseudo Existence
Suicide Commandos - Mark He's A Terror
Lockjaw - The Young Ones
Wayward Youth - Do You Wanna
The Nervebreakers - My Girlfriend is a Rock
T. Tex Edwards - Lee Harvey
Tav Falco's Panther Burns - Bothering That Thing
The Heartdrops - Come On Strong  
The Distractors - Tell Me Now 

donderdag 19 december 2013

Playlist 2013 december 19

The Caps - The Red Headed Flea
Oscar McLollie & Jeanette Baker - Hey Girl, Hey Boy
Johnny Winter & The Jammers - Baby Do
Cliff Carlisle - Tom Cat Blues
Tampa Red - Mean Old Tom Cat Blues
Bob Zurke - Tom Cat On The Keys
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Persian Cat (In A Persian Market)
Kelly Harrell - Rovin' Gambler
Butterbeans & Susie - Papa Ain't No Santa Clause, Mama Ain't No Christmas Tree
The Rhythmakers - Yellow Dog Blues
Leroy Ervin - Blue, Black And Evil
B.B. King - Cherry Red
Smoky Babe - Rabbit Blues
Harry "The Hipster" Gibson - Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine
"Stick Horse" Hammond - Alberta
The Golden Gate Quartet - Jezebel
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - My Lord And I
Alabama Kid - Rockin' Jalopy
Johnny Cash - I Got Stripes
The Kinks - Milk Cow Blues
The Electric Company - Scarey Business
The Golliwogs - Brown-Eyed Girl
The Troggs - Feels Like A Woman
Adrian Lloyd - Lorna
The Dickies - Silent Night
The Swingin' Neckbreakers - Santa Claus Ain't Comin' This Year
Andre Williams - Poor Mister Santa
American Jam Band - Jam Jam
Macabre - Be Forewarned
The Pengwins - What You Gonna Do
Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business
The Starjets - Any Danger Love
Dansette Damage - The Only Sound
Shith - Tonight She's By My Side
The Nerves - Paper Dolls
The Cute Lepers - Any Danger Love
MxPx - No Action

donderdag 12 december 2013

Playlist 2013 december 12

B.B. Cunningham - Scratchin'
Chuck Wiley - I Wanna Dance All Night
Jesse Butler (with Freddie and the Continental Playboys) - Dancing Fever
Fox Hall - Do The Rock and Roll
Eddie Riff - My Baby's Gone Away
Billy Wright - After Dark Blues
Charlie Bradix - Wee Wee Hours
Clifton Chenier - Le Blues De La Vache A Lait
Wallace 'Cheese' Read - Fiddle Stomp
Tennessee Ernie Ford - The Rovin' Gambler
Cousin Emmy & Frank Moore's Log Cabin Boys - Ground Hog
Ida Cox -  I'm So Glad
Joe Pullum - Black Gal, What Makes Your Head So Hard?
John Lee Hooker - Louise
Jimmy Rogers - Chicago Bound
Adolph Hofner - Joe Turner Blues
Ben Bernie Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra & Bix Beiderbecke - Deep Down South
Earl Hines - The Father's Gateway
Bob Howe & Frankie Griggs - The Hottest Stuff In Town
Bethlehem Exit - Blues Concerning My Girl
Billy McKnight & The Plus 4 - You're Doin' Me Wrong
The Buddhas - Lost Innocence
Charles Tranum - Rat Pfink Theme
Bo Diddley & The Bo-Dettes - We're Gonna Get Married
The Now Time Delegation - Stand And Deliver
The Hermits - Chicken Master
The Leroi Brothers - Darlene
The Naked Remain - Heir Of Pretension
Lime Spiders - Just One Solution
Siouxie & The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma
The Filters - NFG
Silver Chalice - Wasted
The Other Guys - High School Girls
Marie France - Déréglée
The Hi-Fives - Let's Hear A Cheer
Ne Luumäet - Onnellinen Perhe
Pigmy Love Circus - Dirt Farmer
The Del-Lords - How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live

donderdag 5 december 2013

Playlist 2013 december 5

Tom Brown & The Tom Toms - Tomahawk
Bill Watkins - Missed The Workhouse
Bo Dudley - Shotgun Rider
H-Bomb Ferguson - I Love My Baby
Sonny West - Rock-Ola Ruby
The Toads - Backaruda
Little Luther - Twirl
The Kingston Trio - Rovin' Gambler & This Train
Mitzi Mars - I'm Glad
Skip James -  I'm So Glad
The Memphis Jug Band - Stealin' Stealin'
Louis Armstrong - Yellow Dog Blues
Dinah Washington - Big, Long, Slidin' Thing
Big Son Tillis & D.C. Bender - Rocks Is My Pillow
Juke Boy Bonner - Running Shoes
Howlin' Wolf - Down In The Bottom
Big Lucky Carter - Stop Arguing Over Me
The Yardbirds - Louise
The Standells - Linda Lu
Alan Barnicoat & The Bob Freedman Orchestra - Savage
The Jalopy Five - Sock It To Me Baby
Flamin' Groovies - Tallahassee Lassie
Dead Moon - Milk Cow Blues
The Four Slicks - Baby Baby
The Shapes - Airline Disaster
Unnatural Axe - They Saved Hitlers Brain
Peter Dayton - Love At 1st Sight
La Peste - Better Of Dead
Penetration - Don't Dictate
The Real Kids - Do The Boop
The Adverts - Bored Teenagers
Baloney Heads - I'm A Drunk
The Beat - Walking Out On Love
The Boys - Not Ready
Dogs - 19
The Mutants - Piece O Shit
Roller Ball - Savage Eyes
The Testors - Bad Attitude
Slaughter & The Dogs - I'm Mad
The Saints - This Perfect Day