Wekelijks radioprogramma op radio RQC 95.0 FM, elke donderdag van 20 - 22u.
Emission hebdomadaire sur radio RQC 95.0 FM chaque jeudi de 20 à 22 heures.
Weekly radioshow on radio RQC 95.0 FM, every thursday 20 - 22h Central European Time.

donderdag 29 november 2012

Playlist 2012 november 29

Lou Berry & Bel Raves - Hot Rod
Billy La Mont - Country Boy
Rosco Gordon - Booted
Mickey & Sylvia - No Good Lover
Jackie Morningstar - Rockin' In The Graveyard
Johnny O'Keefe & The Dee Jays - Shake Baby Shake
Champion Jack Dupree - Shake Baby Shake
Bumble Bee Slim (Amos Easton) - Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
Uncle Bunt Stephens - Sail Away Lady
Jimmy Preston - Rock The Joint
Roy Milton - Boogie Woogie Baby
Wynonie Harris - Around The Clock Blues
Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup - Rock Me Mama
Lionel Hampton - Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop
Joe Coleman - Gonna Beat It To Memphis
Fats Domino - All By Myself
Million Dollar Quartet - Just A Little Talk With Jesus
Jackie Wilson & Lavern Baker - Think Twice (Version X)
The Orlons - Don't You Want My Lovin'
Five Americans - Slippin' And Slidin'
The Underworld - Go Away
Ron Berry - Back Door Man
The Gee Strings - Bad Reputation
Hifi & The Roadburners - You Don't Know Nothin'
The Tail Gators - Little Girl Blue
Mission Of Burma - That's When I Reach For My Revolver
Monster Magnet - Spine Of God
Ramones - Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio?
Village Pistols - Big Money
Nitwitz - Oppresion
Quality Drivel - Subliminal Cuts
Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout
La Dusseldorf - White Overalls
Mucus 2 - New Possession Blues
The Devil Dogs - Dance With Me Baby

donderdag 22 november 2012

Playlist 2012 november 22

The Esquires - Flashin' Red
Sonny Burgess - Itchy
The Jordimars - Natural Ditty
Jimmy Witherspoon & Jay McShann Sextet - Strange Woman Blues
T-Bone Walker - Sail On
Jazz Gillum - New Sail On, Little Girl
Skyrockets Orchestra - Boogie in C
Chris Powell's Blue Flames - Rock The Joint
Little Sammy Jones & The Eldorados - Doing The Roach
Chippie Hill - Around The Clock Blues
Willard Harris & The Czars Of Rythym - Straighten Up Baby
Big Jim Wynn & The Bobalibans - Ee-Bobaliba
King Rhythm - Killer Diller
Roy Hall - All By Myself
Joe Bonsall & The Orange Playboys - Step It Fast
Juke Boy Bonner - Settin' The Records Straight
R.L. Burnside - Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down
The Counts - Last Train
The Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine
Boo Boo & Bunky - This Old Town
Mr. Quintron - Meet Me At The Club House
Reatards - Quite All Right
Cheap Time - Woodland Drive
Warheads - I Lost My Leg In The War
Sharon Tate's Baby - Bored Stiff
The Last Ones - Much Too Much
999 - Homicide
Youth Brigade - Friends
Descendents - Hope
Helmet - In The Meantime
Devo - That's Good
The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Chumbawamba - Rappoport's Testament: I Never Gave Up
Cosmic Psychos - Lost Cause
Electric Frankenstein - Up From The Streets
EF 2000 - Rock'N'Roll Is Dead

donderdag 15 november 2012

playlist 2012 november 15

Chancellors - Mach One
The Sentinals - Exotic
Grady Lewis & The Starlighters - Rompin' Stompin'
Chuck Berry - Roll Over Beethoven
Donald Byrd - Professor Longhair's Boogie
Professor Longhair - Boogie Woogie
Muddy Waters - Honey Bee
L.C. Donatto & The Drifters - My Baby Leftme Blues
The Dominoes - Have Mercy Baby
Varetta Dillard - Mercy Mr. Percy
The Jackson Brothers Orchestra - We're Gonna Rock This Joint
Anthony Butler - My God Is A Mighty Man
Big Vernon - Around The Clock Blues
Chuck Berry - Reelin' And Rockin'
Tex Benteke & Glenn Miller Orchestra - Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop
Queen Ida & The Bon Temps Zydeco Band & Al Lewis - Mazuka
Johnny Burnette Trio - All By Myself
Ronnie Dawson - Rockinitis
The Hustlers - Inertia!
The Lively Ones - Sleep Walk
The Jokers - Purple Crackle
The Catalinas - The Catalina Push
Donnie Carl - Do The Wiggle Wobble
Jimmy & The Gems - Twisting Sadie
The Fuzztones & Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Constipation Blues
The Leroi Brothers - Ain't I'm A Dog
The Oblivians - What Rock 'N' Roll Is All About
Fireworks - City Of Assholes
Xpress - Stop, Start (And Go Back Again)
Cockney Rejects - Man's Life In The Army
Shakin' Street - Soul Dealer
Los Reactors - Laboratory Baby
The Vibrators - 24 Hour People
Cock Sparrer - The Sun Says
Midget - The Dentist
J Church - You're On Your Own
Greedy Guts - Right In My Head
Whatever - No Time To Be 21

donderdag 8 november 2012

Playlist 2012 november 8

The Nevegans - Surfbound a.k.a. Russian Roulette
Will Bradley & His Orchestra - I Boogied When I Should Have Woogied
The Majestics - I'm Never Lonely
Deryck Sampson - Boogie Woogie Express
Sid Phillips & His Band - Kissin' Bug Boogie
Piano Red - Big Rock Joe From Kokomo
Ross Minimi - Baby Rock
R.L. Burnside - Poor Black Mattie
Mississippi Fred McDowell - Sail On, Little Girl
Joe Hill Louis - Hydramatic Woman
Paul Kimble - That Big Fat Mama
The Bobbettes - Have Mercy Baby 
Slim Gaillard - Fuck Off (Chicken Rhythm)
Bill Haley & The Saddlemen - Rock The Joint
Donnie Nix - Ain't About To Go Home
Jimmy Witherspoon - Around The Clock
Haskel Sadler - Do Right Mind
Gene Vincent - Be Bop A Lula
Little Richard - Tutti Frutti
Jefferson Handkerchief - I'm Allergic To Flowers
Shoegazer - Beautiful
Mc Business (The Business & Dropkick Murphys) - Mob Mentality
The Riffs - Johnny Won't Get To Heaven
Kamikaze Pilots - Evil Eyes
The Skunks - Earthquake Shake
God's Heart Attack - Treat Me Like A Doll
DFX2 - No Dough
Satanic Surfers - ... And The Cheese Fell Down
MDC - John Wayne Was A Nazi
Stagebeast - Belgium Ain't Fun No More
Marie & Les Garcons - Un Samedi Midi
Vertigo - Sit Down And Shut Up
Soundgarden - Heretic
The Randümbs - Noma Grrrl
Dead End Cruisers - Say Goodnight
DM Bob & The Deficits - Bad With Wimen
Jughead's Revenge - Hit Man

donderdag 1 november 2012

Playlist 2012 november 1

Icky Renrut (Ike Turner) - The Rooster
Rosemary McCoy - Dippin' In My Business
Don Bishop - The Crowd From 23rd Avenue
Belton Richard - Cajun Stripper
Clifton Chenier - Road Runner
Wayne Williams & The Sure Shots - Red Hot Mama
Larry Williams - Slow Down
Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers - White House Blues
Jimmy Yancey - White Sox Stomp
Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Johnny Johnny
Mississippi Joe Callicott - Love Me Baby Blues (France Chance)
James Brown & The Famous Flames - Have Mercy Baby
The Mojo Men - She's My Baby
Kid Thomas - Rockin' This Joint Tonite
Timmie Rogers - Teedle Dee Teedle Um
Little Johnny Jones - Big Town Playboy
Otis Spann - Feelin' Good
Kip Tyler & His Flips - Jungle Hop
Jolly Green Giants - Caught You Red Handed
Puddin' Heads - Now You Say We're Through
U.P. Wilson - Boogie Boy
The Red Devils - Automatic
Guitar Wolf - Planet Of The Wolves
Cannibals - I've Gone
The Raunch Hands - Your Fat Friend
K-Holes - Rats
The Seatsniffers - Weekend On Mars
XTraverts - Police State
The Skinnies - I'm A Dullard
X-X - Approaching The Minimal With Spray Guns
The Misfits - Horror Business
The Squad - Born In The Concrete
Face To Face - You've Done Nothing
Minor Threat - Small Man, Big Mouth
Wrecking Crew - Why Must They + Old Enough
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Whisper In Your Mouth
Were Are Your Punx - Italy's Corruption
Peacocks - In Any Case