Wekelijks radioprogramma op radio RQC 95.0 FM, elke donderdag van 20 - 22u.
Emission hebdomadaire sur radio RQC 95.0 FM chaque jeudi de 20 à 22 heures.
Weekly radioshow on radio RQC 95.0 FM, every thursday 20 - 22h Central European Time.

donderdag 28 februari 2013

Playlist 2013 march 7

Geen uitzending
Pas d'émission
no broadcast

Playlist 2013 february 28

The American Four, The - Soul Food
Skip Graves - Indian Giver (With Your Love)
Tommy Cassel  - Rockin' Rock & A Rollin' Stone
Lloyd Rowe & Willie Egans - Don't Know Where She Went
Willie Eggins & His Orchestra - Wow Wow
Betty Mays & The Tab Smith Orchestra -  Fat Mouth Blues
Miss Edith Wilson - My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More
Billy Brooks & His Orchestra - I'm Gone
Billy Nightingale - The Price Of Love
Elmo James - Dust My Broom
Johnny Young - Money Taking Woman
Chuck Berry - House of Blue Lights
Bob Callaway & The Spiro Hepcats - Tick Tock
Gene Phillips - Flying Home
Joe Coldwell - Rowdy Mae Is Back
Mississippi Fred McDowell - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Bill Swing - Intoxicating Blues
Checkmates, Ltd. - Mastered The Art Of Love
Bobby Freeman - C'mon And Swim
The Heard - You're Gonna Miss Me
The Shag - Stop And Listen
The Fly-Bi-Nites - Come On Up
Chrome Cranks - Down For The Hit
The Devil Gogs - Shakey Sue
The Bulemics - Die Tonight
The Dialtones - Not Ready
The Boys - Not Ready
The Gorillas - My Sons Alive
The Only Ones - Lovers of Today
Crushed Butler - My Sons Alive
Crime - Hot Wire My Heart
Big Black - Dead Belly
Naked Raygun - Backlash Jack
Cro-Mags - Don't Tread On Me
Rat Traps - Tennessee Rock 'n' Roll
Lost Sounds - I Get Nervous
La Donnas - Counter Unload
The Murder City Devils - Get Off The Floor
Razoreater - Pumkin With A Gun

donderdag 21 februari 2013

Playlist 2013 february 21

A.K. - The Eat Theme
Jan Moore - Play It Cool
Casanova & The Chants - Geraldine
Bobby Davis - Damper Down
Baby Jean - Oh! Johnny
June Richmond & Andy Kirk's Clouds Of Joy -  Baby, Don't You Tell Me No Lie
Julia Lee - A Porter's Lovesong To A Chamber Maid
Blind Lemon Jefferson - Long Lonesome Blues
Hank Williams - Long Gone Lonesome Blues
Papa Charlie Jackson - Salty Dog Blues
Cliff Edwards - California Here I Come
Big Bill Broonzy - Mean Old World
Ivory Joe Hunter & Aurelin - Are You Hep
B.B. King - Please, Love Me
Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters - Such A Night
Sunnyland Slim - When I Was Young
Essie Sykes, Robert Nighthawk & Rooseveld Sykes - Easy Walkin' Papa
The Three D's - Squeeze
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airman- House Of Blue Lights
Radio Birdman - You're Gonna Miss Me
The Rolling Stones - Off The Hook
The Palace Guards - No Comin' Back
The Bottom Feeders - Strange Muscle
The Monarchs - 2001
The Cramps - Inside Out And Upside Down 
The Briefs - Squash Me Like A Bug
The Sewergrooves - Ain't Coming Home
Chelsea - Urban Kids
UK Subs - Warhead
The Simpletones - I Like Drugs
Lost Kids - Cola Freaks
Starjets - It Really Doesn't Matter
The Cowslingers - Queen Of The Truckstop
The Walkabouts - Ahead Of The Storm
Terminals - We Don't Communicate
Punetazo - Soy Un Ignorante
The Chinese Millionaires - Rat Jacket
Spux - Hasenjagd
Sugarfix - Dear You
Teen Angels - Fire In The Hole

donderdag 14 februari 2013

Playlist 2013 february 14

Bobby Fuller - Our Favorite Martian
Chubby Checker - Good Good Lovin'
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Good Lovin'
Larry Hanna - Good Lovin'
The Clovers - Good Lovin'
J.B. Hutto & His Hawks - Loving You
Little Walter - I Just Keep Loving Her
Bob Roberts & Vess L. Ossman - The little Old Log Cabin In The Lane 
Andy Kirk & His Clouds Of Joy - Take It And Git
Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals & Papa Charlie Jackson - Salty Dog
Lonnie Johnson - I Know It's Love
Bill Cox - Trial of Richard Bruno Hauptmann, Part 1
Bill Cox - Trial of Richard Bruno Hauptmann, Part 2
T-Bone Walker - Mean Old World
Robert Nighthawk & Carey Mason - You Call Yourself a Cadillac
Big Joe Turner - Tv Mama
Boddy Bland - Good Lovin'
Bobby Verne - Red Hot Car
Benny England - Eloping
DMZ - You're Gonna Miss Me
Johnny Carlton - She's A Moonlighter
The Squires - Going All The Way
Superhelicopter Ltd. - Twisted Baby
The Candy Snatchers - No Time, No Waste
The Gimmies - Get It Right Now
The Bleeding Hemeroids - Keep Your Mouth Shut (And Your Legs Open)
The Bad Lovers - Things That I Forgot
No Way - Breaking Point
Holly & The Italians - Tell That Girl To Shut Up
Maids, The - Back To Bataan
The Go - Instant Reaction
The Chiefs - Blues
Toy Love - Frogs
The Flakes - Talk About You
The Lazy Cowgirls - Bad News
Heal - War On Drugs  
Mustard Plug - You 
Frigg A-Go-Go - My Baby Says

donderdag 7 februari 2013

playlist 2013 february 7

Del Saints - Tarzan
Gus Jenkins & Orchestra - Slow Down
Snooks Eaglin - Country Boy Down In New Orleans
Fats Domino - Mardi Gras To New Orleans
Bobby Mitchell - Rack 'em Back
Walter Brown & Jay McShann Band - Hootie's Ignorant Oil
Buddy Johnson Orchestra - Boogie Woogie's Mother-In-Law
The Isley Brothers - The Drag
Rod Willis - The Cat
Fiddlin' John Carson & Moonshine Kate - The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
Ben Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra - Yes Sir That s My Baby
Jelly Roll Morton - Salty Dog
Bo Carter - Pussy Cat Blues
Little Walter - Mean Old World
Hound Dog Taylor & The Houserockers - She's Gone
Bill Matte - Parlez Vous l'Francais
Hobart Smith - Cuckoo Bird
Sir Douglas Quintet - You're Gonna Miss Me
Big John Wrencher - Honeydripper
The Clovers - Down In The Alley
Bob Ridgley - The Way Out Mummy
Ray Hummel III & The Ju Ju's
TV Killers - Sock It To Me
The Devil Dogs - Lost Girl
The Pleasure Fuckers - Feels Like A Woman
The Swingin' Neckbreakers - You're Lying
The Beatnik Flies - Double 6
The Misfits - Where Eagles Dare
Mentally Ill - Gacys Place
Mad Virgins - F... And Suck
The Crowd - Right Time
Black Flag - Six Pack
Mad Parade - Facing The Crowd
The Vandals - I Got An Ape Drape
Bullet Lavolta - Ceiling Life
Retardos - Burn In The Fire
Slint - Breadcrumb Trail