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donderdag 26 december 2013

Playlist 2013 december 26

Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West - Pickin' The Chicken
Freddie "Bama Boy" Hall & His Gadsden Band - This Crooked World
Kenny Lund & The Roller Coasters - Rip It Up, Potato Chip
J.B. Summers & Tiny Grimes Rocking Highlanders - Drinking Beer
Tiny Grimes & The Rocking Highlanders - Hey Mr. J.B.
Dennis McGee & Ernest Frugé - Lanse Des Belaire
Bob Wills & His Texan Playboys - Roly Poly
Elvis Presley - Milkcow Blues Boogie
Justin Tubb - Pepper-Hot Baby
Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers - Joe Turner Blues
Elita, Mary & Ella Hoffpauir - Sept Ans Sur Mer
Jimmy Reed - Cherry Red
Eddie Burns (as The Swing Brothers) - Notoriety Woman
Edward M. Favor - Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
Benny Goodman Orchestra - Roll 'em Boogie
Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Race With the Devil
The Four Young Men - You Been Torturing Me
The Benders - Sharpest Little Girl
Jessie Hill - Scoop Scoobie Doobie
The Truth - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
The Tropics - As Time's Gone
J.C. and the New Tones - Love - Human Emotion
Dearly Beloved - Flight 13
The Endd - Out Of My Hands
Supersnazz - I Gotta Go Now  
The Bugs - It's About Time
Died Pretty - Blue Sky Day
Fumestones - School Addict
The Zeros - Good Guys Don't Wear White + Wimp + Boys + Wild Weekend
The Psycho Surgeons - Horizontal Action
Pseudo Existors - Pseudo Existence
Suicide Commandos - Mark He's A Terror
Lockjaw - The Young Ones
Wayward Youth - Do You Wanna
The Nervebreakers - My Girlfriend is a Rock
T. Tex Edwards - Lee Harvey
Tav Falco's Panther Burns - Bothering That Thing
The Heartdrops - Come On Strong  
The Distractors - Tell Me Now 

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