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donderdag 4 oktober 2012

Playlist 2012 october 4

Bob Gaddy - Little Girl's Boogie
The Fleas - The Flea
The Flames - Cry For My Baby
Beausoleil - J'Ai Vu le Loup
Boozoo Chavis - Uncle Bud
Slim Harpo - It's Cool Baby
Robert Pete Williams - Pardon Denied Again
The Chuck Wagon Gang - After The Sunrise
Rev. Gary Davis - I Saw The Light
John Hammond - Pretty Polly
Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers - You Shall Be Free Monah
Woodie Guthrie & Cisco Houston - Take A Whiff On Me
Roy Hogsed - Cocaine Blues
Rev. Gary Davis - Cocaine Blues
Barney Bigard Sextet - Sweet Marijuana Brown
The Spiders - Witchcraft
The Byrds - Eight Miles High
The Sonics - Cinderella
Cuby & The Blizzards - Your Body Not Your Soul
The Grains Of Sand - That's When Happiness Began
Gravel - No Stone Unturned
Ray Daytona & GooGooBombos - Strict Mistress
The Bam balams - Gettin' Over You
The Undertones - Get Over You
Cadillac Kidz - Establishment Bash
Kriminella Gitarrer - Vardad Kladsel
The Molls - White Stains
Pointed Sticks - The Real Thing
The Invasion - The Invasion Is Coming
The Fleshtones - You Can't Get Him Frankenstein
DMZ - Cinderella
The Daylight Lovers - That's How Many Girls
Goober Patrol - Overboard
The Freeze - Violent Arrest
Another Joe - I Don't Know
Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard
Splatterheads - Fish Biscuit

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