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donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Playlist 2013 october 17

Chuck Higgins - Pachuko Hop
Joe Liggins - Little Joe's Boogie
Rufus Thomas - Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)
Joe Conwright & His Lucky Seven - She Won't Be True
David Seville - Witch Doctor
West Texas Slim (Manny Nichols) - Loudella
The Swift Jewel Cowboys - You Gotta Ho-De-Ho (To Get Along With Me)
Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters (as The Hill Billies) - Old Time Cinda
Eck Robertson - Ragtime Annie
Etta James - Roll With Me Henry
Linda Hayes & The Platters - My Name Ain't Annie
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen -  (Annie's Been Working On The) Midnight Shift
Little Junior Parker - Annie Get Your Yo-Yo
The Cadets - Annie Met Henry
Johnny Marlo - Two Ton Annie
Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens - Turn Your Radio On
Gene O'Quin - Too Hot To Handle
Cozy Cole - Topsy Pt. 1
Buddy & Claudia Griffin - I Got A Secret
The Spiders - Hey Boy
The Sound Extraction - I Feel Like Crying
The Grodes - Let's Talk About Girls
Southers Culture On The Skids - Girlfight
JJ Rassler & The Cuban Heels - Tiger Beat
Les Minstrels - Les Grandes Mechants Loups
Popdefect - Bob Says No
The Legends - Rock And Roll Woman
The Rezillos - Top Of The Pops
The Mutants - New Darkages
The Proles - Police
Nervous Eaters - Loretta
The Suspects - This Reality
The Saints - This Perfect Day
White Trash Debutantes - Bad In Bed
The Midnight men - Satellite Of Love
No Means No - What Slayde Says

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